How Is Breast Implant Performed?

Many people always ask this question. But the answer is easy. Breast augmentation surgery involve a series of surgical operations which are normally performed under general anaesthetic. This is where the patient in subjected to sleep or a temporally comma whereby one can’t feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. Some may even choose to use local anaesthetic which may only numb the area of interest, which is the chest area and may give you a sedative to help you relax. This means you will be awake throughout the surgery with little or no awareness of what is going on during the procedure. It is important to discuss of which one to apply with your surgeon.

The whole implant operation takes between 60 to 90 minutes. It may take longer than this depending on the procedures to be used. This simply means that you can have the implant fitted and go home later in the day. The most qualified surgeons will have it done within the shortest time possible and you are free to go home.

surgeryThe surgical process starts with making a cut called incision in a certain position on your breast. The position depends on the shape and size of the breast and also your preference. If the incision is made in particular places, it may lead to different consequences like; one made around the nipple may be a bit scarring but may also affect nipple sensation. Incision made around the armpit is obviously scarring.

The next step is the fitting of the implants. They are fitted through the already made incision either between your breast tissues or behind the chest muscle. Where to place the implant should also be discussed prior the operation kick off with your surgeon. After putting them in place, the incisions are closed using surgical threads which may require to be removed after some days of healing or others will just dissolve by themselves.

The process is different depending with the purpose of breast implant. For a breast reconstructive surgery, where one breast was mutilated due to breast cancer, natural tissue implants can be used instead of artificial implants. This involves skin, muscles and tissue are derived from any other part of the body lie thighs and tummy and used to create a breast. It may also include other processes like tissue expansion where a healthy tissue is created and latter replaced with a silicone implant.

Reconstruction may be done immediately or delayed for a while. Each has its best and worst side. It is upon you to decide when to have your breast implant done. It will depend with your preference on whether to wait a little longer to make a more informed decision. It is up to you.… Read the rest